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Hi guys it Reese here with my moments of ponder, lol. I find people extremely interesting and study them every chance I get. Some think I'm shy but those people don't know me very well, I'm the life of the freakin party HELLO!!! I'm the girl who enjoys the little things and forgets nothing & I will always ask the question no one else will. I love glamour (50'S to be exact) & shoe (yeah I do) and I don't like the people I love & respect to be fucked with (so watch ya back!) Ask me anything & I will tell you no lie. Please stay tunes as I partake on this journey of wonderment I promise you won't have a dull moment... XOXO ~ Reese
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Losing someone is hard but its a overwhelming journey when its one of your parents. ¬†Love, peace and prayer is all I can give to the Hernandez family right now… I hope you do the same <3


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